GAD Cartridges

Unlike other compatible toner cartridges that are manufactured from scratch, GAD Print Consumables are made from recycled original OEM print toners. This will maintain the original OEM parts inside the cartridge, maintain the original cartridge tolerance, ensure proper cartridge alignment in the printer, and minimize human error.
Recycling high quality cartridges isn’t simple as putting toner powder in the cartridge. There are many facets to consider to ensure that the quality of the last printed page as good as the first one. Utilizing only OEM cores and premium Static Control™ components (Made in USA), the quality and performance of each cartridge will exceed expectations.
With our 20 quality check points made at the end of each the manufacture cycle, you can count on the quality and performance of our cartridges.

Benefits of using GAD Premium Toners?
You can save up to 70% of your printing expenses
You can print more while paying less*
You reduce your environmental footprint
You get peace of mind by our 3 years warranty
You support a product made in UAE

*Depends on the toner model

Why we use the original cartridges only?
Maintains original OEM parts inside the cartridge
Maintains original cartridge tolerance
Ensures proper cartridge alignment in printer
Reduces manufacturing cost by 80%, you save
Minimizes human error
More green than using manufactured compatible cartridges
Retain OEM appearance
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