Supply Account

Printing is a daily task in any business nowadays. Without early set up of a printing saving plan, printing would become a high expense to operate your business. Remember, Your employees is printing now while you reading this document. By opening an account with us, you will save on your printing expenses and get a lot more. Below are some of  the benefits:

  1. Free account creation. All your equipments will be listed in our system.
  2. Save even more:
    • 2 % OFF supply of OEM printing supplies.
    • 10 % OFF supply of GAD Premium Toners.
    • 15 % OFF supply of refill services.
  3. Free delivery and collection (refill service is excluded).
  4. Free cartridge installation in printers, photocopiers and fax machines.
  5. Free printer maintenance and minor problems repair.
  6. Free consultation on printers and photocopiers purchasing.
  7. 5 % Discount when purchasing printers and photocopiers from us.

By opening an account with us, we will call your purchase manager by the start of each month to check the status of your supply and arrange the best time for delivery. Simply fill in the form on the next page and let us make your printing hassle free.

GAD Cartridges is a Environment Friendly Solution

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